You don’t need to buy Bitcoin to feel its impact

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Greatest Business and Wealth Lessons from Charles Darwin

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How pivoting works?

Recall your physics class; most of the earth and the human body is carbon, and yet there are those million-dollar diamonds, after all, that is just compressed C. The journey…

After making the black turtle neck fashionable, the tech-heads are on their way to make no dopamine life dope.

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But their latest offering to the long list of trends born from the soil of geek valley, i.e., …

Proletarians have nothing to lose but their chains

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“If poor people knew how rich people are there would be riots on the streets — Chris Rock”

One of the fascinating theories relating to the economy is by Karl Mark. I adore how naturally he explained such a sensitive and complex topic.

The Most Discriminatory Laws of the Twenty-First Century

Scource — 1970s USA Weyenberg Magazine Advert ( just an image showing a woman’s place )

And I Am The Proof

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Such Demonic and Beyond Disgusting Rituals Should Have No Place in the 21st Century Or History

Source — Hindustantimes ( a woman clinching to a young girl/baby while another woman performs a gut-wrenching custom of FGM, it’s shocking how one female embarks such trauma on another)

“I cried to my mother for help while felt a hot knife cutting my clitoris !”

— words of victim

I had a vague idea about this horrifying practice. Still, I always resisted knowing or reading too much about it because these tales are disturbing to another extent, and you can very much feel the pain and helplessness of such scapegoats. But as faith had in store, I became deeply invested in inquiring and analysing all anti-female Practices, laws and incidents. And this is what unfolded —

You Shouldn’t Be Missing Out on These Digital Money Heists

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Spot Eternal Life Lessons in Your Junior Favourites


It Was For Sure an Exhausting and Enlightening Afternoon

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