You don’t need to buy Bitcoin to feel its impact

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Edward Snowden, who catapulted to fame in 2013 as the whistleblower by uncovering the National Security Agency’s (NSA) massive surveillance program, has had a bittersweet relationship with Blockchain. Snowden was employed as a computer intelligence analyst in the global communications division at the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency)headquarters in Langley, Virginia. Since his explosive exposes, he has been granted political asylum in Russia.

Snowden enjoys a massive following and participates in public debates by appearing in the news, and through his social media handles, he makes it a point to put across his thoughts on various diverse issues.

His recent comment…

Greatest Business and Wealth Lessons from Charles Darwin

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The silicon valley is synonymous with the word startup. It is the land of firsts and Evolution. Its impact breaches all borders, and it ends up impacting people from all provinces. Among others, there is one bizarre trend called “pivoting”. Apparently, it’s voguish out there. This institution of thought means that you might have the most horrendous and crap-tastic idea, but with ample endurance and metamorphosis, you shall eventually succeed.

How pivoting works?

Recall your physics class; most of the earth and the human body is carbon, and yet there are those million-dollar diamonds, after all, that is just compressed C. The journey…

After making the black turtle neck fashionable, the tech-heads are on their way to make no dopamine life dope.

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The famous silicon valley is Mecca to any aspiring techie. It has been home to some of the most prominent personalities in the tech universe and headquarters to multibillion-dollar businesses.

These creators not only stimulate our lives with the latest inventions and snatched gadgets, but establishments such as Airbnb and Uber have redefined the e-commerce experience by creating a worldwide network of phenomenal homes or automobiles at your gate in 3 minutes.

But their latest offering to the long list of trends born from the soil of geek valley, i.e., …

Proletarians have nothing to lose but their chains

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“If poor people knew how rich people are there would be riots on the streets — Chris Rock”

One of the fascinating theories relating to the economy is by Karl Mark. I adore how naturally he explained such a sensitive and complex topic.

A few years ago, I might have found his ideas too rebellious for my taste. I thought that he is promoting unfair quality, and he is challenging hard work and destroying competitiveness. I don’t stand by all of his beliefs, but we can’t deny the highly uneven income gap between the classes.

Hence, I want to point…

You Shouldn’t Be Missing Out on These Digital Money Heists

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Money doesn’t grow on trees, and certainly, it doesn’t come easy.

In the highly volatile world we live in today where inflation and unemployment are ever on the rise, every dollar’s worth is being realised in its true sense, and needless to say, it is pretty significant.

A regular job can help you finance your essentials, but a side hustle can prove to be a great add-on to your wallet and can help you achieve your financial goals faster. …

Spot Eternal Life Lessons in Your Junior Favourites


When we browsed through these books for the first time, we read them as they were. We used to read these texts for just a straight storyline or as a form of entertainment. As a result, we could not connect with the more profound meaning and read between the lines.

Our interpretations were crooked and limited, And our tiny heads did not have the potential to process information. But now we have the experience of a well-lived life that gives us a reformed and diverse perspective. …

It Was For Sure an Exhausting and Enlightening Afternoon

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It was a Monday morning during the lockdown era of the pandemic where I was lounging like a sloth till 2 am, and my grandmother just got off from the phone after her very regular and religious round of calls with family and friends.

I know it lowers my coolness quotient, but it’s my guilty pleasure to overhear her gossiping. I pretend I am not interested, but Oh boy! The lady has a better social life than me. PS: It was pandemic, and this how I chose to retain my sanity (so don’t judge).

So one day, after one of…

From assassination to war to natural calamities to space and science


Significant or not, but predictions are confusing and amusing at the same time. Fortune telling is a lot bigger industry than you would imagine —while some people do it for the thrill (experimental purpose) of it, others do it for its assuring effect or just the mere impatience and anxiety for the future.

From Marvelous Mrs Maisel to Beverly Hills’ rich housewives, the enthusiasm for knowing the unknown is a rage.

Predictions don’t give any guaranteed evidence about the future, yet they do come true in some instances. …

Often complex things have effortless solutions

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Walt Disney Studios has produced some treasured stories about valuable life lessons, tales of self-discovery, along with the possibility and the promise of a happy ending.

These are some of the Disney classics and their comprehended wisdom that all adults and professionals could draw.


Don’t take credit for what you didn’t do and find ways to make it happen

Ratatouille touches on a highly prevalent practice in the corporate world, i.e., credit stealing. These thieves are low on ethics, and they might build a fortune by stepping and crushing true calibre, but they never earn an ounce of respect.

Alfredo was the real rat for stealing and thinking no one would know his conniving plans.

Let’s compete our way to cash and at least give it a try


The word competition or contest can be daunting to most of us, but we can’t overlook the opportunities and confidence boost they can give us. I am myself one of those people who get anxious just by thinking of putting myself out there and facing criticism or failure. Yet, despite this, I have been fascinated by the idea of recognition and awards — it’s a different poison altogether.

An entry fee can often be a red flag for a possible scam, yet some legitimate contests charge small entry fees.You could take part in one of those (entry fee) contests, too…

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